Thursday, August 11, 2011

You've Got A Friend

Not sure when I became a James Taylor fan. I don't think I discovered him in his early days when he had long hair, but I've watched plenty of videos on YouTube from those days.

I've only seen him perform live in concert twice. The first time was on Mudd Island with a daughter sitting on each side of me and the Mighty Mississippi flowing by on a gorgeous night in an open-air venue. That night is embedded in my memory forever.

Later, I saw him perform at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi. Wendell was with me that night and was all antsy to leave when he thought the show was over. Seems like we were going out of town the next day, and, of course, leaving a concert like this one is always an exercise in patience to just get out of the parking lot.

Anyway, I enjoyed both live concerts and have quite a bit of James Taylor's recorded music as well as a VHS tape of a live show on TV and a DVD given me as a gift because everyone in my family knows he's one of my favorites.

The words on this music box given to me by a friend read:
A Friendship filled with joy and laughter blooms and grows forever after.

The "FRIENDS" image at the top of this post has many interesting words I want you to be able to read that were written and composed by Tito Balangue @ Flickr, 16/Feb/2011.
A Flickr member, Tito Balangue, has this image in his [Share the Word]'s photostream and has graciously allowed me to use it in this blog post. To see it in larger view that allows you to read the words, please click on "FRIENDS"

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