Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missed out on the “game” gene

I say this from time to time along with "I missed out on the 'gambling' gene."

Today I read this article and can now see why others may have the genes I missed out on.
Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

BTW, I also missed out on the "math" gene, if there is such a thing.

There are two games I like to play, which are really the same game, and I don't mean playing them online. I like sitting at the table with at least four people and having fun with my own object to either game. I'll give you a hint: No one wants to sit on either side of me.

I even received a trophy for my playing of Crazy Eights when I played it during lunch when I worked at the ACBL. The trophy was the back end of a horse.

Here's the rules to the two games I like to play but not with the object of running out of cards before anyone else playing with me.

Crazy Eights



  1. Eu gosto desse jogo , to te seguindo akiii
    pode passar la e fazer o mesmo ?

  2. Eu usei Bing tradutor para colocar este comentário aqui. Eu não entendo seu idioma. Eu só falam inglês