Sunday, October 09, 2011

Today was the second day of a three-day trip with tomorrow being for eye appointments for both of us.

What a privilege it was to visit with old-time friends during this visit and attend a couple of churches today.

Sunday School was taught by a friend at Briarwood United Methodist Church in Jackson, MS and then 11 AM worship was at Wells United Methodist Church.

Some of you may know that I continue to following activities at Wells via their website. Only recent sermons are available for download, so I'm telling you if you want to hear the sermon today that we heard, you'll need to check the website soon to listen to it or download it or both. The title of today's sermon was "Walking Out Of Darkness."

Scriptures: Isaiah 9:2-3; Matthew 6:23b and Matthew 5:14
Responsive Read: Psalm 139: 1-12

The Opening Sentences
Leader: It's true: We live in a world with lots of darkness.
People: And all too often, we walk in that darkness rather than in God's light.
Prayer: God, lead us to your light, and cause us to walk in it. In Christ, Amen.

One Hymn was "I Want To Walk As a Child of The Light."

The Special Music was by the Choir: "Oh Glorius Day"
I think I have heard this one at Jubilee Shores UMC also.
The Choir did their usual wonderful rendition with a female solo and male solo and several instruments involved. Just in case you have not heard the song, here is a version on YouTube:

The closing song was listed as "This Little Light Of Mine," but we had already sung it in an informal way, so our last song before the Benediction was this song, with words and music written in 1971 by Andrae Crouch.

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