Saturday, March 03, 2012

"I enjoy my own company"

People who know me well have probably heard me make this statement.

I am not at all sure if it is my own statement or if I adopted it from someone else.

I'm married to an extrovert -- a person who never met a stranger. He has been good for me. By observing him, he convinced me there was no future in going through life being painfully shy. I thank him for this many times as I talk to people -- many times people I don't even know very well. I believe this and have sort of adopted his approach to life in general.

I knew he had been voted "something" in high school but could not remember what. I just looked it up -- it was Wittiest, which gave me cause for thought. I recall him saying when he played a game that he played it "by the seat of his pants." Makes sense because he was using his witts. Now, go try to find a definition of the word in a dictionary. Good luck.

Since this blog very frequently is a "copy-cat" of what I've seen somewhere else, some of you might have guessed I would put up a link to this video.

Susan Cain: the power of introverts


  1. I'm an extremely introverted person. I experience great anxiety at the thought of going into public. I'm a college student and will always sit at the far back corner of my classes. I embrace it and think it's the way we're created. If I was meant to be extroverted, wouldn't God have made me that way? I hope you embrace yourself too, all the way! More power to you in enjoying your own company. I enjoy mine as well and I think the operative word for us both here is, "enjoy." :-)

  2. I heard a review of that book on NPR and have been wanting to read it.
    I'm another introvert married to an extrovert. You have a better attitude than I do. The older I get, the more I crave peace and quiet, and the older he gets, it seems, the more he likes to talk!

  3. One copy of this book exists in the Baldwin County Library system at Foley. I have put it on hold, but several people are ahead of me. When I do get to read it, I may do another blog post with some of my thoughts. Glad I've started reading again, but it has always been difficult for me to work it in -- never gave it enough priority, I guess. You'd think in retirement it would not be a problem, wouldn't you?

  4. Oh, I think it's more of a problem! I don't know how I had time to work before I retired! Ha ha! I make time to read, though. I've been a reader ever since I learned to read.

  5. i was once an introverted kid,or shy-boy to say it simply...then a couple of years later,after some incidents,i gained the confidence to stand up in public and share my opinions,talk to people and listen to them,be social...we've only got one life in this world,why waste it keeping ur mouth shut all the time??Silence is gold,speech is silver,I know but if u know how to control ur tongue,then that wouldn;t be much of a big problem i think...btw,nice blog u have...i cant see the Follow button...i'm new to blogging,just started a month back! hehe...