Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Doolittle Raiders Reunion

I was not aware this was happening until four months after it occurred.  However, I have been busily reading about the Doolittle Raiders because I was too young to really know about all of this when it was actually occurring. Apparently the 71st Anniversary Reunion will be the last public reunion.

I have two videos I would like to share. 

General Jimmy Doolittle Interview

Crowds line up to meet Doolittle Raiders last time

Note: Unlike YouTube videos, it appears that other more current videos play immediately following the above video.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tontitown Grape Festival

My friend, Woody, has a camcorder, and gets some very good videos with it. Since he likes music, he captures some live music I just love.

In the last few years, he's transplanted himself to Arkansas. He's been exploring that state like we've been exploring Alabama since we moved here.

Most of the videos I make with my digital camera are taken where lots of background noise exists. So Woody further explained some of the situation while he recorded this video:
"About the Collin Raye concert because I know you and Wendell can appreciate my point of view. The conditions were bad.; The sound system was so loud I had to move off the front row after shooting 4 or 5 videos of opener Kyla Horton. Amazed to find out my camcorder compensated and the sound is fairly normal for an outdoor concert (standing room only- largest crowd in my six years here) at the Tontitown Grape Festival. All kinds of crowd noise/talking near me. I went to about row 20. Could not record from my chair. Moved to a light pole about 50 feet from the stage. Recorded 15 videos standing all the time. I think I only skipped maybe 3 songs he sang.
"This was the best concert I have ever attended in terms of how Collin interacted with the fans there. He talked to us before each song telling what it would be and sometimes additional comments. Also talked to the crowd (fans or not) after each song. He talked for several minutes about Glen Campbell, his friendship, Alzheimer's and Glen's music and TV career before singing that medley. I wish I had recorded it all... I may put four or five more of Collin and one or two of Kyla on You Tube as time permits."
Woody gave this explanation when he sent the link to me:
"This was video number nine I recorded. My arm & hand lacked the strength to hold the camcorder steady. Sixteen was the total when my battery died as he finished his last song of the concert."

Here's the Collin Ray Glen Campbell Medley I want to share today.