Friday, February 07, 2014

Breakfast Food

I suppose everyone has food memories and possibly even associate certain foods with certain people.

This was our breakfast cooked today by WDS.  On the left is Taylor Ham.  It's made in New Jersey, and the first time we knew anything about it, was because we had a friend from New Jersey, Larry DelPlato, who talked about.  Only recently have we been able to purchase it.  As you'll see from reading a Wikipedia article on it, it's actually called  Pork Roll now.

I ate my first French Toast when I was a child.  It was prepared by my Aunt Edna from Washington State.  Seems like another eating habit in their family was using butter instead of mayo or some other sandwich spread on sandwiches. 

It's really pretty interesting to learn different eating customs from different parts of the country and different ethnic groups.

As time has gone by, I have realized I led a very sheltered life as far as food was concerned. So many of the foods I came to love I had never tasted until I was grown.  You have to understand that many families did not eat out and there were no fast food or franchised chains those many years ago.

To give you an example, I had my first pizza, Italian food, Mexican food, and on and on the list goes, after I was grown and pretty much out on my own.

I'm not as much of a food addict as I am an internet addict, but I do enjoy eating good food!

Monday, February 03, 2014


We have neglected blogging because we've been sort of busy since the new year came in.  The trip in January to attend the wedding of John and Lucy was a very blessed time participating in visiting with family on the last weekend of January.  Many of these people we had not seen in years. 

Atlanta is a large city we have not ever stayed in but only bypassed as we were traveling to other locations.

Since we are so accustomed now to more relaxed living where we're amongst a rural landscape close to the Coast of Alabama, the kind of traffic found in Atlanta is nice to get away from again.  We will say that the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the wedding reception were happy times we'll recall with a happy feeling each time we think back on them. 

Our experience staying at the Georgian Terrace on the fifteenth floor was so nice. The photo above shows how pretty the view was.  On the horizon, the little summit is the tip of Stone Mountain.

Both the rehearsal dinner and the reception after the wedding were a time to visit in a relaxing way and enjoy wonderfully delicious meals together.  I wish I could have captured the beauty of St. Lukes Church, but someone else has done it for me. Saint Lukes Episcopal Church

We manage to get only a few photos with our camera that is not dependable for capturing good ones any more. Atlanta set of photos

All of our out-of-town relatives left Sunday morning and were so happy to have done so before Atlanta was in a gridlock a few days later due to a winter storm making the exchanges and interstates out of there impassable.