Monday, April 07, 2014

cluck, Cluck, CLUCK

The Magnolia Springs Garden Club left on Friday, April 4, 2014, for a fun-filled two days of enjoyment in Eufaula, Alabama.

We stopped for lunch at Zack's Family Restaurant in Dothan, Alabama. I chose the country-fried steak with white gravy and three sides and ice tea and waddled out to get back on the bus to continue on to Eufaula.  Let me go ahead and mention that just about every meal we had on this trip turned out to be chicken – all good, of course.  Hence, the title of this post.  After all, this is the SOUTH.

I have the feeling we toured some homes before we arrived at the state park, but I just do not have the notes nor the memory to support that.  If anyone in my group who reads this has notes or info, I'd be glad to share it on the blog. 
                                                                Lakepoint SP Main Entrance Lobby
We arrived at Lakepoint State Park Resort Lodge. 

Our evening meal was at the Shorter Mansion.  Afterwards we went on a candlelight tour of homes. It was a very full evening, and we returned to the state park resort around nine.

Our pilgrimage guides gave us a wealth of historical information, and I will not attempt to detail this in this post.  Anyone who is interested in history, would definitely enjoy Eufaulas Pilgrimage.

After tours of homes on Saturday morning, we had an early lunch at the Eufaula Country Club and continued to take in more interesting sights.

The Plantation Heirs, a group who perform a Capella while dressed in 19th century clothing, were performing at First Presbyterian Church in Eufaula.  We had to leave before they finished to get on the bus to head back, and we wished we could have heard more.

 I’ve left the photos I took until near the end. I was using a different camera recently purchased, so I think I can do better the more I use it.  Many of the homes we toured did not want us to take photos inside. Only one said to take all the photos you wanted inside, and I understand the reasons for that.  Many flashes of cameras will eventually fade and damage some of the valuable furnishings and antiques in such homes. 

Here they are:  
I hope to include a very amateurish video on the porch of Fendall Hall. However, when I place the link here, it does not work.  Beats me... Here 'tis:
If it doesn't work, I just give up  

On the way back home, we saw some of the Murals of Dothan.
Camp Recovery  This mural is dedicated to the recuperation area for soldiers taken ill. Camp Recovery was set up on a high bluff overlooking the river three miles southeast of Fort Scott.

Salute to the Peanut Industry (very large with two sides)  Because of its significance to the entire Wiregrass region, the peanut was selected as the subject of the first mural commissioned and features Dr. George Washington Carver (on left side)  and the National Peanut Festival (on right side). (two photos for both sides of mural)

Dothan Riot  In October of 1889, just after Dothan was incorporated, a riot erupted at the public well and bell-tower over a tax levied on commercial drays traveling city streets.

Johnny Mack Brown  Once recognized throughout the world by millions of youngsters and grown-up as the cowboy hero who always triumphed over gun-slinging villains.
Tribute to Sherman Rose & the Tuskegee Airmen  This mural pays tribute to the ten black students who were the first class in the Civilian Pilot Training Program at the Tuskegee Institute in 1939. Sherman Rose became the only black flight instructor at Fort Rucker, a position he served until 1974.

Mural photo credits to:

Even though we saw a fairly serious wreck on the way home on the rain-slick highway, we arrived in Magnolia Springs safely ~ Whew!