Friday, May 16, 2014

Weather and Whatever

I have felt over the years of blogging that posts regarding the weather are boring after awhile.  However, this year of 2014 so far has been so exceptional when it comes to various aspects such as the amount of rainfall and the tempurature remaining low even until this day, so here goes another post on the weather. 

Record rainfall has been recorded, which caused extensive flood damage in many areas of the Alabama Gulf Coast as well as Gulf Coast areas of Western Florida, beginning with Perdido Key.  Above you can can see a photo of Ono Island around the end of April of 2014.

Now, today, the temperatures are in the upper 40s in some places.

Since I find it difficult to post just about one subject, being a female with the brain functioning as our brains do, it brought to mind our very first camping trip on Memorial Day Weekend when we lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

We took off for the Natchez Trace Park (about a two-hours drive) after my hubby and I got off work on a Friday afternoon.  It turned out to be quite an adventure, mostly because of our lack of experience camping in a tent and our having very little camping equipment at that point.
By the time we arrived at the park, it was dark.  It was also very obvious we were not the only people with the idea of spending the holiday weekend in the park.  As a result, we could not even find a level spot to put up our tent.  Our first tent and the one we camped in for many years was large.  Seems like we kept on our car's headlights to see what we were doing, and the site was definitely sloping.  I kept on every piece of clothing I could find to sleep in because it was so very cold.  The fact was, we only had one real sleeping bag and some slumber bags, and they didn't provide much warmth.

The reason I recalled this first camping trip was because the temperature did get down into the 40s that night.

Smitty still remembers a man from Texas he met in the men's room the next morning and how cold that man appeared to be who was shivering.

What I still remember from that first morning was the loud chorus of birds greeting the new day.  There was certainly no need for an alarm clock.  I had never heard anything like it.

After the day began warming up and it was no longer dark, we found a more level camp site and moved our tent there for the remaining three days.

I'm wondering to myself now if our elementary-age daughters remember much about the trip, which had to be their first tent camping experience as it was also ours.

Today, as we awoke in Lower Alabama, the temps were just about like those temps were on our first camping experience, and I'm wondering if they were record lows for this area.