Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Wish Before 2016 Arrives

Mary Hogan sent this e card to me and I'm wondering how long it will be viewable.  Only time will tell.

E-card New Year Wishes

Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns poem from 1788 and music from old folk song)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And surely ye'll be your pint stowp!
And surely I'll be mine!
And we'll tak a cup o'kindness yet,
For auld lang syne. 

 We twa hae run about the braes,
And pou'd the gowans fine;
But we've wander'd mony a weary fit,
Sin' auld lang syne.

We twa hae paidl'd in the burn,
Frae morning sun till dine;
But seas between us braid hae roar'd
Sin'auld lang syne.
And there's a hand, my trusty fere!
And gie's a hand o'thine!
And we'll tak a right gude-willie waught,
For auld lang syne. 
 FINAL CHORUS .-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Read Another Current Book


Bill Fleming loaded us a copy of John Grisham's latest book, given to him by his daughter.  Smitty read it first while we were in Memphis for Thanksgiving.  I picked it up shortly after we returned and found it, as usual, a book to just keep on reading until finished.

We gave it back to Bill and he immediately gave it to someone else who wanted to read it.

I believe I continue in my efforts to read all his major books.  He has written some for young people.  Since I'm definitely a senior citizen, I decided I would not read that category of books.

There are some little short books that I remember fondly like "Skipping Christmas" -- a very funny book.  Also, "Playing for Pizza" was a little different.

I had trouble reading "A Painted House" the first time I tried, but eventually I started from the beginning and did read it through on my second try.

I am not a speed reader.  I've had some training in doing that, but I just like to plod at a slow pace so I don't miss anything.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


THIS IS TEXAS - Expand video to full screen for this is a great video about Texas,!.
Published on Apr 25, 2014

TEXAS by Ban 2014

This is a 10 minute slide show of my Texas pictures with fabulous music by the Dallas based Vocal Majority (150+ voice men's chorus that has been winning many International Championships for 30+ years). Hopefully you will "LIKE" this new version and forward it to your friends.

The 2012 version was made from pictures I happened to have and used cattle and flower pictures as fill time. At the 2014 publishing time the 2012 version had about 85,000+ views. This slide show is much more intentional trying to cover more of the State and adding more Texas flavor. It has given me an appreciation for Texas's variety and size. Texas is a very BIG State! I got as far as the Louisiana border (East), Corpus Christi (South), Midland (West) and Amarillo (North).

Unlike the 2012 version this is HD and places are better identified. Roughly 60 pictures are reused from the 2012 version and many of those are in the first few minutes. There are 158 pictures (30+ more than the 2012 version) so many go by fast as the music length hasn't changed. Pictures of Dallas, Houston, and Austin are much improved. A tip of the hat is given to the oil industry. Some fun was added with names of little Texas towns. Pictures from East Texas, Galveston, Corpus Christi, sites around Houston, Presidential Libraries, Buffalos roaming, Blue Bell ice cream, etc. were added. Sorry I wasn't everywhere and that some pictures don't perfectly match music but I'm close. (Confession the deer playing pictures are from Colorado & the Muleshoe sign was borrowed from the Internet - I visited all the other little towns and even Hoot & Holler and Bug Tussle but someone stole their signs).

For those outside of Texas, clearly the time to visit Texas is in the spring when the Bluebonnets are blooming. The Bluebonnet pictures were taken in the Llano area, the Willow City Loop, Brenham and Ennis.

Turn the volume up as the music is terrific! If you like this click "LIKE" and forward to your friends.


Friday, August 14, 2015


If I just had one blog, it would be a lot less complicated for me.  This blog probably should be called "COPY CAT" blog because so very often I find something I want to share that is really good.

It is no accident that three parables in the Holy Bible begin with LOST.  Put the three together, and you have a very good three points for a sermon.

They are summed up in this short article that one sees over and over, and they are all related to LOVE.

"God is love" "Love never dies"

How wonderful and yet impossible, so it seems, the love of God is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Last Hurrah

Some people call Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday the last hurrah.  Today signals the end of Mardi Gras and the beginning of Lent tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.  For me, I'm going to put a good bit of emphasis on the meaning of Lent and this important season for Christians.

Before I do, I wanted to mention a study of just finished on the Book of Colossians in the Bible.  In this study, our small group read scriptures from other portions of the Bible and particularly books written by Paul.

What came to mind as I finished this study is a song that has popped in my mind before, but does not exist in the currently used Methodist Hymnal.

If you are not familiar with it, here are the words.

Words: C. D. Meigs, in Consecrated Hymns (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel; Lehman, 1902).
Music: Elizabeth McE. Shields

Lord, help me live from day to day
In such a self-forgetful way
That even when I kneel to pray
My prayer shall be for—Others.
Others, Lord, yes others,
Let this my motto be,
Help me to live for others,
That I may live like Thee.
Help me in all the work I do
To ever be sincere and true
And know that all I’d do for You
Must needs be done for—Others.
Let Self be crucified and slain
And buried deep: and all in vain
May efforts be to rise again,
Unless to live for—Others.
And when my work on earth is done,
And my new work in Heav’n’s begun,
May I forget the crown I’ve won,
While thinking still of—Others.

When looking at the words and their meanings the song seems to be saying,
we haven't particularly "arrived" when we enter heaven but continue the good
work begun here on earth.  When thinking about what heaven may be like,
I cannot help but feel that once we learn to live as Jesus lived that our reward
in heaven will be doing something all the time that we love and want to do --
not just floating around on a heavenly cloud.  What do you think? 

Friday, January 09, 2015

“Every Head Bowed, Every Eye Closed”

Reading is more apart of my life ever since retirement.  Actually, it comes and goes with me.  Lately, I have read several books, and I'm in a small group for Bible study that uses a small book as a guide for the study of Colossians.  We just had our first meeting last Wednesday. 

I was getting behind on reading all of John Grisham's books, so I purchased his most recent one, GRAY MOUNTAIN.  As others have mentioned.  He tells a good story in a compelling way that keeps one moving on to know what happens next.  However, some of his books are much better than others. 

I still think A TIME TO KILL, his first novel, was the best one I have read.   SYCAMORE ROW is sort of like a sequel to that one and is very good.

Several books I've read have so much violence, etc., in them that I have picked and chosen what I can stand to read in them. This applies to UNBROKEN.  I was particularly drawn to a certain chapter in this book that tells about Louis Zamperinis's conversion at a Billy Graham revival many years ago, which is described on the Graham website at   Louis Zamperini’s Story of Survival and Redemption .  This is where the title of this post comes from.  Zamperini was also the Grand Marshal of 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade.

After I have finished the study of Colossians, I'll share my thoughts on the study guide book.

Here's a cheer for you readers out there.