Sunday, December 27, 2015

Read Another Current Book


Bill Fleming loaded us a copy of John Grisham's latest book, given to him by his daughter.  Smitty read it first while we were in Memphis for Thanksgiving.  I picked it up shortly after we returned and found it, as usual, a book to just keep on reading until finished.

We gave it back to Bill and he immediately gave it to someone else who wanted to read it.

I believe I continue in my efforts to read all his major books.  He has written some for young people.  Since I'm definitely a senior citizen, I decided I would not read that category of books.

There are some little short books that I remember fondly like "Skipping Christmas" -- a very funny book.  Also, "Playing for Pizza" was a little different.

I had trouble reading "A Painted House" the first time I tried, but eventually I started from the beginning and did read it through on my second try.

I am not a speed reader.  I've had some training in doing that, but I just like to plod at a slow pace so I don't miss anything.

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  1. I've enjoyed the John Grisham books I have read, but haven't read very many. I did read The Chamber, The Painted House, Skipping Christmas, and one about a girl who was a missionary deep in the Amazon area and they were looking for her to bequeath her an inheritance. Can't remember the title. I like to read, but I take my time, too.