Thursday, April 07, 2016

Another Dream

In the Holy Bible, some scriptures tell about dreams and there were other people who could interpret the dreams.  I could use a dream interpreter.

When I have a dream including people who are already in heaven, I wonder what it means.

The one last night was fairly vivid.

Like lots of my dreams, things seem to be more of a feeling than a meaning.

It seems like to me that I was not expecting these people and even in the dream I did not realize they were no longer with us here on earth.  I'm pretty sure of two of them and the third one was some one closely related to them. So, the two I recognized were Grandma Lockhart and Mother. 

The part that really baffles me is that things seemed fairly normal and through the dream itself, there was no feeling of anything but that it was normal and they were still alive.  It was very close to a happy dream. 

It was not until I had been awake for a short time that I realized those people are no longer with us on earth.

~ Doing Some Reflecting ~
We do not blog much at all anymore because it takes time to do it.
Each day that passes now seems like just a few minutes, even though it has the same 24 hours.
As a child, vacations were usually visiting some relatives.
There was one that was special in which we took Grandma Lockhart with us.  She and her children always tried to be together to celebrate her birthday around Labor Day.  On this vacation, we visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.  From that southeastern part of New Mexico, we traveled on to White Sands and eventually spent a night in Cloudcroft before heading back.  I could not even tell you what year it was.  I do recall my sister and I walked out of the depths of the Caverns while our parents and Grandma Lockhart took the elevator.  As we march up the upward sloping trail we would say "left right" most of the way to keep us at it.
I'll never forget that vacation.  A big surprise was to have to have covers in Cloudcroft because it was so cool at night and, of course, this was when we were out of school in the summertime in Texas.
The caverns were breathtaking.  Let me try this to see if it will work...